Hannah Thees

I am Hannah Thees and I design and make jewelry for my shop Spoons & Such. Spoon & Such began with an experimental spoon ring that I made while taking a jewelry class during my final semester at Columbus College of Art & Design. With no real intention of actually pursuing jewelry as a career, I began to experiment for fun, with my collection of antique silverware that I had been accumulating since I was a little girl. After graduating with a degree in Illustration, I felt burnt out of drawing and painting, and decided I would be happier working with pliers, files, mallets, metal, and especially my hands. 

Spoons & Such is constantly collecting new pieces of silverware in hopes of creating unique and one of kind pieces for jewelry lovers all over the world. There are so many beautifully detailed and intricate pieces of silverware out there that are just going to waste and I hope to find, save, and use as many as possible.